"My art is nothing, compared to the Master Artist, the one who created the hues and values I can but attempt to duplicate on paper. "
                                           Don Iverson

This artist does not like the spotlight and feels very uncomfortable with the attention associated with his work. Don recognizes that all of mankind has been blessed with talent ascribed from God. Don's abilities just happen to be in the field of art. 

Raised on a farm outside of Sweetwater, Tennessee, Iverson gained an appreciation for heritage and history at a very young age. His love of the past, coupled with a focus on detail, have merged to produce the pieces available in print today. He likes to recreate images from the past, depictions no longer available. It is not uncommon to hear a client reminisce about his childhood days spent swimming in the stream Don has included in one of his pieces. Others may be heard speaking of evenings spent making music in the parlor of one of the hotels Iverson has painted.

Don, along with Cathy, his wife of 45 years, live on a mountain-top in Banner Elk, North Carolina... when they can be found in the country. Twenty years ago, this pair began helping to establish Bible training schools and children's homes in India. This work has become their passion.     

In 1996, Don released "A Few of My Favorite Things," a tribute to Ronald Reagan.  The original is in the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA. On the wall of Don's office hangs a prized possession, a personal note of appreciation from Ronald Reagan, the man he considers to be the best president of his lifetime.

Don and Cathy have three children: Nicole (husband, Steve), Donnie (wife, Jamie) and Courtney. They have been blessed with seven grandchildren (photo above).  

A Few of My Favorite Things
10 X 24
11206 Time Release Edition S/N (SOLD OUT)
43 Artist Proofs
Issue Price: $115.00